Plants For Garden

The most important decision when choosing plants for the garden is to choose plants that suit the nature of the site, rather than messing around and changing the garden to suit the plans that you have selected. So during the selection process, choose plants that suit the climate where you live, the level of rainfall you can expect, the amount of shade or sunlight, and the texture of the soil where the plants are going to be planted.

Other considerations need to involve how tall the plants will grow, will they be a focal point all year round, do the colours complement surrounding plants, and how much maintenance (watering and pruning) do they require.

Type of Garden
The style of the garden will influence the types of plants you put in it. Will it be neat or random? Native or introduced species? Cottage garden or something else?

You need to select plants that will flourish in your local environment. Taking a look at your favourite gardens in the local neighbourhood and see what flourishes will give you a good indication of which might be most ideal.

As mentioned above, selecting plants that can be maintained around your lifestyle is of critical importance. If you are always busy and on the go you should select plants that require very little maintenance. If you have lots of free time and want to remain very active in your garden, then your options are a lot more flexible.

Some plants can survive long periods without water, others require watering every day. The amount you are willing to water the garden should play a part in the selection of your plants. An automatic sprinkler system can be a good way to keep on top of this, however you will need to check your zoning for water restrictions.

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